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A Ramble House 10-Cent Book (#15)


by Jim Weiler


It was a time of great literary squalor, the day when Jim Weiler looked up from his third foray into the arcane jungle of editing Harry Stephen Keeler. He knew the style by heart and he had the urge to write his own HSK-like tale, one drenched in gasoline and pathos about a poor soul with a 1966 Chevy Nova. The words spewed from his fingertips as if they were alive, tiny spicules of dialect and randomness, all tumbling towards that inevitable fillin' station holocaust -- sadistic cop and all -- that permeates the subconsciousness of Jim Weiler like rancid jelly in a crusty donut. The book comes with a business card-sized CD containing the haunting love theme from THE 66 CHEVY NOVA BLUES in MP3 format. 36 pages. Sorry, no longer available.


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