June 17, 2006




This is a gutsy guitar sound I liked on the G-DEC and since the preset is "Aussie Born" I called it a more appropriate "AussieDrone". One chord all the way through. Three, maybe, if you count the keyboard riff in the background. A NightSong, you remember, is not really a song. It's just what I happen to play while numbing around at night. Don't expect a beginning, middle and end.


ANSWER TO LAST NIGHT'S QUESTION: What makes the guitar harmony in MauveGrass different from "professionally" recorded guitar harmony? Usually, when people harmonize, they actually listen to each other so they can keep coordinated. I don't. I turn off the track I'm harmonizing with, which gives it that "huh?" sound that permeates my music.


TONIGHT'S QUESTION: I saw a film last night on DVD that featured the guitarist that I most closely play like. What was that film and who was the guitarist? Hint: His initials are NT and his band is ST.