June 15, 2006




The Fender G-DEC amp has fifty pre-sets and the one called Blues House is probably my favorite. The rhythm pattern is called "grind" and it probably reminds me of the times I played for strippers back in the 70s in Greeley CO and Farmington NM. The guitar has all sorts of overtones and it invites me to play out of control harmonics. I did two separate solos and used half of each on the final mix. Be thankful I didn't use both of them together as I tend to do when multi-tracking.


ANSWER TO LAST NIGHT'S QUESTION: What copyrighted song is faintly heard in the miasma of guitars in DixieHonk? It's one of the first songs I -- and almost any guitarist of the 50s -- learned, Honky-Tonk. I can't imagine going into a bar and not hearing it, consequently I haven't been in a bar in a couple of decades.


TONIGHT'S QUESTION: What Beatle song is infamously made up of two different versions patched together by George Martin? Note the subtle way I mention my nightsong and one of the most fantastic Beatle songs in the same sentence?