June 14, 2006




I don't know why, but I enjoy the chaos created in Dixieland music where all of the instruments are soloing at the same time. So when I recorded four guitar tracks on top of a drums/bass/keyboard track provided by my Fender G-DEC amp, instead of sifting through all of those notes and picking the best ones only -- as I will in future nightsongs -- I decided to mash them all together Dixieland-style.


ANSWER TO LAST NIGHT'S QUESTION: There is one special thing about Palindrome that made it relatively easy to blend the forward and backward tracks. The chord progression is a palindrome. C - G - F - Em - Dm - Em - F - G - C. So the solos, when reversed, played against the same chords as forward.


TONIGHT'S QUESTION: What copyrighted song is faintly heard in the miasma of guitars? Hint: I'm playing (sort of) the Ventures' version.