June 23, 2006





I didn't write this song. I'm pretty sure the guy I heard singing it in back in '45 or '46 was the guy who wrote it: Pig Bodine. It was in a bar called Chicago in Berlin and back in those days it was packed with corpsmen and medics from all the US ships passing around the cream of their ships' pharmacy. I was sitting behind a couple of US airmen and their German honeys and a big guy on a seedy bandstand, kinda simian in a way, played this song. It was so good I remember it to this day. So I tarted it up with my usual drums, bass and multi-guitars and humbly present it as a NightSong. If the author of these lyrics asks or tells me to desist and delete, I surely will, with apologies. I have a feeling he is one smart, and in many ways, important person. He's greatly influenced my life.