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Never heard of Harry Stephen Keeler? Don't feel alone. He's America's most forgotten author, victim of a plot by publishers to weed out all writers who don't write swift, easy-to-read, dumbed-down prose for the masses. Harry wrote because he enjoyed it and early on developed a style all his own. He devised incredibly convoluted plots involving ethnic characters (who speak in outrageous dialect), pop culture of the 30s and 40s, and his favorite MacGuffin: skulls. Modern-day writers have their DNA evidence; Harry preferred skulls. Once you read a Keeler, you're never quite the same, and now -- thanks to Ramble House -- you can read all you want. And more!

Ramble House Keelers are handprinted, A6-sized paperbacks (4.125" x 5.75") with dust jackets by Gavin L. O'Keefe and cost $22.00. Not all titles are available in the RH editions. But all of the titles are available in a professional 6" x9" trade paperback edition with beautiful picture covers by Gavin O'Keefe and an easy-to-read, large type. Most trade paperbacks are $18.00. A few of the more gargantuan Keelers are more.



Series list compiled by Richard Polt and Francis M. Nevins

 If it's underlined, it's available. Guess what? They're all available!



Non-Fiction by Harry

The Keeler Keyhole Collection


About Harry

A to Izzard: A Harry Stephen Keeler Companion

Wild About Harry: Reviews of HSK's Novels from Keeler News


Sort of About Harry

The Way Out



About Harry's Cats

Kats I Have Known


Tuddleton Trotter Series

The Matilda Hunter Murder

The Case of the Barking Clock

The Trap (RH Original)


Marceau Series

The Marceau Case

X. Jones—Of Scotland Yard

The Wonderful Scheme of Mr. Christopher Thorne

Y. Cheung, Business Detective



The Mysterious Mr. I

The Mysterious Mr. I

The Chameleon

I, Chameleon (combo of CHAMELEON and MR. I)


Vagabond Nights

The Skull of the Waltzing Clown

The Defrauded Yeggman

10 Hours

When Thief Meets Thief


Hallowe’en Nights

Finger! Finger!

Behind That Mask


Adventures of a Skull

The Man with the Magic Eardrums

The Man with the Crimson Box

The Man with the Wooden Spectacles

The Case of the Lavender Gripsack

The Skull in the Box (All four novels in one volume)



The Big River Trilogy

The Portrait of Jirjohn Cobb

Cleopatra’s Tears

The Bottle with the Green Wax Seal


Screwball Circus Series

The Vanishing Gold Truck

The Ace of Spades Murder

The Case of the Jeweled Ragpicker

Stand By—London Calling!

The Case of the Crazy Corpse

The Circus Stealers (RH Original)

A Copy of Beowulf (RH Original)

Report on Vanessa Hewstone (RH Original)

The Six from Nowhere (RH Original)

The Case of the Two-Headed Idiot (RH Original)


The Way Out Series

The Peacock Fan

The Sharkskin Book

The Book with the Orange Leaves

The Case of the Two Strange Ladies

The Case of the 16 Beans


Steeltown Series

The Case of the Canny Killer

The Steeltown Strangler

The Crimson Cube (RH Original)


Quiribus Brown Series

The Murdered Mathematician

The Case of the Flying Hands (RH Original)


Hong Lei Chung Series

The Strange Will

The Street of 1000 Eyes (RH Original)

The Six from Nowhere (RH Original)

The Riddle of the Wooden Parrakeet



Ramble House Series

The White Circle (RH Original)

I Killed Lincoln at 10:13! (RH Original)

Strange Journey (RH Original)





Adventure in Milwaukee (RH Original)

The Affair of the Bottled Deuce (RH Original)

The Amazing Web

The Blackmailer (RH Original)

The Box from Japan

The Case of the Ivory Arrow

The Case of the Mysterious Moll

The Case of the Transparent Nude

The Case of the Transposed Legs

The Face of the Man from Saturn

Find the Clock

The Five Silver Buddhas

The Flyer Hold-Up (RH Original)

The Fourth King

The Gallows Waits, My Lord (RH Original)

The Green Jade Hand

Hangman's Nights

The Iron Ring

The Man Who Changed His Skin (RH Original)

The Monocled Monster

The Murder of London Lew

The Mysterious Card (RH Original)

The Mysterious Ivory Ball of Wong Shing Li (RH Original)

The Mystery of the Fiddling Cracksman

The Photo of Lady X (RH Original)

Riddle of the Travelling Skull

The Scarlet Mummy (RH Original)

The Search for X-Y-Z

Sing Sing Nights

The Spectacles of Mr. Cagliostro

The Straw Hat Murders (RH Original)

The Stolen Gravestone (RH Original)

Thieves' Nights

Three Novellos

The Tiger Snake

The Voice of the Seven Sparrows

The Washington Square Enigma


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