Ramble House is notorious for its Harry Stephen Keeler and Norman Berrow libraries — as well as other great, but obscure, authors from the past century — but one thing they all have in common is their relative sexual tameness. But the Ramble House spectrum of salaciousness is much broader. Indeed, we have a veritable brothel of bawdy books, none of which can be found anywhere else in the world. Check out these sizzling hot items, all with seductive covers by Gavin L. O’Keefe!


VIXEN SCANDAL: Vixen Hollow and The Celluloid Scandal by Jim Harmon, 250 pages

    Jim Harmon’s first two novels (written in 1961) are classics of professional sleaze, with Hollow’s portrayal of a disfigured cartoonist oddly complementing Scandal’s ménage a trois Hollywood tale.


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MANIAC SIREN: The Man Who Made Maniacs and Silent Siren by Jim Harmon, 230 pages

Two classic 1961 novels by Jim Harmon who is known for his definitive book about old time radio. Ramble House plans to publish all of Harmon’s sleaze novels in this new, “69” double format. Maniacs and Siren are two of his most sexually quirky novels.


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LOVE SONG by Philip Jose Farmer, 210 pages

   Back in 1969 one of our most talented SF authors needed some cash and decided to write a pornographic gothic tale of a man and the two women (mother and daughter) who enchant him to the depths of depravity. It's one of the best and hardest to find novels of its kind.


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THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE by Robert Sewall, 260 pages

   Perhaps the horniest novel ever written, this 1939 tour de force of eroticism simply begs to be read with one hand. This is the first edition since its 1942 debut to be relatively typo-free so there are no distractions on your way to its many, many happy endings, each one more kinky than the last.


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THE WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN by Arthur M. Scarm, 130 pages

 Apparently written in the 60s, this novel is the perennial winner of several “worst book” awards and it won’t take you many sentences to realize why. It appears to have been written by a psychotic and addresses several aspects of vampirism and lycanthropy we’ve been happy to gloss over for the whole of human history.


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SEX SLAVE by Dion Le Clerq, 130 pages

   A 1966 historical potboiler about the Vestal Virgins of Julius Caesar’s reign, when women were bought and sold like chattel, but deep undercover, ruled the imperium with clits of steel. Never before had a virgin like Cybele known such power.


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SATAN’S DEN EXPOSED: A True Story of Slavery and Torture by the Desert Journal, 180 pages

Bill Johnson, editor of the Desert Journal of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, compiled this story of a sadist who imprisoned young girls in his trailer of torture from the actual newspaper articles.


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RED LIGHT: An Experiment in Controlled Vice by Eric J. Brock, 94 pages

   A serious study of the St. Paul’s Bottoms brothel district of Shreveport Louisiana as it was in the early years of the 20th century when prostitution was legal. Written in 2004 by Shreveport historian Brock, it chronicles in detail the workings of the liberal plan to take the viciousness out of vice, and how the inevitable forces of prudery doomed it. Featuring full-page photos of the houses and the girls who made them famous.


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TIRESIAS by Jonathan M. Sweet, 240 pages

   This is a brand new 2007 novel by the proprietor of Smoking Cat Productions that gives new meaning to the term: identity crisis. It starts with a case of mistaken identity, escalates to murder, then settles in for a host of other vices and personality problems that make Psycho look like The Sound of Music. And parts of it may be true!


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MY FIRST TIME: The One Experience You Never Forget by Michael Birchwood, 276 pages

   64 frank and revealing first-person stories of how ordinary people had their first taste of “all the way” sin. No hype or exaggeration, just down-to-earth reminiscences that will make you cry, laugh or gasp — and mainly, hark back to the trainwreck that was your “first time”.


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NOVELS OF N.R. DE MEXICO by Robert Bragg, 360 pages

   Three classic novels by the enigmatic N.R. De Mexico (now known to be Robert Bragg): Marijuana Girl, Madman on a Drum and Private Chauffeur. These are not as lubricious as the books above but this collection of all of De Mexico’s novels is a must for any serious collector of drug erotica. Marijuana Girl is the essential saga of how the drug laws of this country have ruined the lives of innocent young people and Madman on a Drum is one of the best Cornell Woolrich-like suspense novels ever written.


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   Written in 1860, this surprisingly salacious chronicle of the sex life of the man who was a Revolutionary war hero at 21, vice-president of the US under Jefferson, and almost emperor of Mexico, will give you a view of those heady times in a brand new way.


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THE COMPLEAT CALHOON: Writings and Memoirs of Fender Tucker by Fender Tucker, 360 pages

   While many of the stories and reminiscences of this complete collection of Calhooniana are not erotic — perhaps just the opposite — there are a few of his sexual memoirs that justify this book’s being included on this page. Plus you get a CD with all of the songs he wrote in those days, including the “dirty” ones.


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