The Society of the Spoders


Cover art by O’Keefe



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The Society of the Spiders


by Roland Daniel


First published in 1928, this debut thriller by Roland Daniel gets off to a rollicking start, incorporating international espionage, murder, and a mysterious secret society. This novel also introduces a character that the author would bring back in later books: Wu Fang! But with so many suspects, is it possible that Wu Fang isn’t guilty in this case? Chief-Inspector Bill Saville is set the task of unravelling the web of intrigue and unmasking those behind the Society of the Spiders.


Political incorrectness warning: This novel contains frequent racial slurs spoken by certain characters, that some readers may find offensive. The original text has been retained in the interests of a faithful rendering of a thriller from the 1920s; a relic of those times.




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$18 Trade Paperback, 182 pages, 6" x 9"

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