Under the Moons of Venus


Cover art by O’Keefe



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Best Science Fiction Stories of


Damien Broderick


This impressive collection features twenty-one of Damien Broderick’s best science fiction stories together with an introduction by Paul Di Filippo highlighting the craftsmanship of this veteran Australian author.


Broderick’s fiction over half a century is a mix of novels and brilliant short stories. Publishers Weekly found his novel The White Abacus “a tale that challenges and provokes by liberally mixing quantum mechanics, literary patterning and psychological mapping… The result is a tumultuous, often challenging, roller-coaster ride of a story that rises and plunges with astrophysical wonders, literary puzzles and psychological insights.”


A Library Journal reviewer noted that Godplayers “combines a quirky sense of humor with the quick delivery … to produce a riotous trip.” Broderick himself says: “I’m a storyteller in a cross-disciplinary universe of discourse. This adds, I hope, little jokes and jolts for other people with minds as cluttered as mine.”


The stories gathered here in Under the Moons of Venus share these features with his novels, but at an even crisper pace: wit, poignancy, nods to the great sf writers of the past, and startling leaps of imagination.



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