Dust jacket by Gavin O'Keefe


RH w/DJ, 160 pp. $16 + $2 Shipping


Clint Farrell came to the big city, Milwaukee, to try to find his brother, Xeno Zanthus, but when he gets handed a mysterious package by a dark-eyed damsel, he’s off on a roller-coaster ride. Well, at least a bumper-car ride, as he gets arrested for jewel theft, has a fight with a would-be mugger, and realizes he’s falling in love with a woman he’s hardly met—and who appears to be behind everything bad that’s been happening to him ever since he left the farm up at Wauwaukachee Lake.  All of the oddities that make Keeler so much fun are here, but in this very early work (1916), they’re reined in by a frugality of words that’s lacking in HSK’s later novels. Illustrated inside and out by Gavin L. O'Keefe. Introduction by Francis M. Nevins.

  NOTE! ADVENTURE IN MILWAUKEE is one of three Keeler stories found in THREE NOVELLOS, a trade paperback available from Ramble House.

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