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A Ramble House 10-Cent Book (#30)


A spectre haunted the quaint little oilpatch town of Farmington New Mexico in those days, but only the children could see it. Then, when death disturbs the workings of Miley Mud & Chemical Co., Don Tucker and Bill Smith are swept up in a holocaust of religious violence that threatens to blow the lid off organized parochialism. From the pool halls of Main Street to the gothic schools and bowling alleys that paint such a pretty picture of small-town life, this story grabs you by the throat and forces you to see the reality that lies smoldering underneath. Itís a snailís-eye view that could only be told by one who lived it, and in this latest Ramble House 10-Cent book author Fender Tucker minces no words. 68 pages. Comes with an audio CD. $12.00

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