Jacket design by Gavin L. O'Keefe


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by Edmund Snell


With an Introduction by John Pelan


Dancing Tuatara Press #50


Written in 1936 by one of the most prolific of the pulpsters, Edmund Snell, this book has gained a reputation as one of the finest of its kind to ever be published. It's the story of two men who run a plantation on Borneo and the travails one runs into when he is cheated by the other. Unlike most adventure novels of the time set in exotic climes, THE BACK OF BEYOND has a respectful view of the native culture and we get to see how they feel about British colonialism. John Pelan, in his introduction, explains why this novel has become such a sought-after prize among the collectors, and it's not just because of its rarity. It's simply one of the best of its kind.

THE BACK OF BEYOND also features a mapback cover in the style of the old Dell paperbacks of the 50s, designed by Gavin L. O'Keefe.

Available Editions 

  $20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"


  $25  Ramble House A6 paperback with dust jacket, 4.13' x 5.75"


  $35  Hardcover with dust jacket, 6" x 9"


  $45  Hardcover with dust jacket, with bookplate, signed by John Pelan, 6" x 9"


   $6   Ebook by e-mail (epub or mobi)

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