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THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD and Other Stories


By Mary Dale Buckner writing as Donald Dale


In this collection of stories from the pulps, mostly written in the 30s by Mary Dale Buckner, we find that she wrote some of the most violent, over-the-top examples of the weird menace and horror genres. John Pelan's introduction tells all about her and her time in the pulps and the final essay by Buckner explains how she saw her role in what was a man's world. 


The stories are:


Bride of the Red Hate, © Horror Stories, June/July 1939
Maids for the Dust Devils, © Dime Mystery Magazine, July 1938
The Beautiful Dead, © Terror Tales, March/April 1937
Art Class in Hell, © Horror Stories, June/July 1937
Bodies Born for Slaughter, © Terror Tales, September 1940
The Murder Child, © Dime Mystery Magazine, February 1937
Vendetta with the Dead, © The Scorpion, April/May 1939
Times Dark Chapter, © Dime Mystery Magazine, February 1938
Call to the Murder Girls, © Dime Mystery Magazine, May 1938
I See With Dead Manís Eyes, © Dime Mystery Magazine, May 1937
Caverns of Cain, © Horror Stories, April 1941
Fear Fiction © Terror Tales, March 1941

302 pages.

Available Editions 

$20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

$35 Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"
$45  Hardcover with bookplate and dustjacket, signed by John Pelan


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