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Walter S. Masterman

The murder of Sir Henry Severinge in the ancestral crypt of his country mansion is coincidentally witnessed by a burglar - who discovers that this unforeseen event has changed his plans and involved him in trying to unofficially solve the mystery. Officially, Inspector Richard Selden of Scotland Yard is called in to handle matters, and it doesn't take Iong for the case to demand the most of Selden's sleuthing expertise. All of the inspector's wiles are needed when he is confronted by an adulterous widow, an adulterous estate manager, a mysterious butler, the victim's endangered twin daughters and their young governess, a complicated will, a visiting stranger who has set up his easel in the grounds of the mansion, a gossiping housekeeper, and a belligerent neighbor whose pack of bloodthirsty bloodhounds are set Ioose to track down the murderer.

In The Bloodhounds Bay Walter S. Masterman has created one of his most intricate and intriguing criminous plots, and Ramble House is proud to add this title to its Iist of Masterman reprints.

Available Editions

$18  Trade Paperback (6" x 9")

$32  Hardcover (6" x 9") with dust jacket

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