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E.R Punshon


With an Introduction by Gavin L. O'Keefe


E.R Punshon is well known to Ramble House readers for his Bobby Owen novels, of which there are many we've done -- and many more to go -- but did you know he also wrote short stories? And some of them feature that likeable Scotland Yard detective, Bobby Owen. Gavin O'Keefe has personally selected the stories which feature Inspector Owen:


A Study in the Obvious

Good Beginning

Find the Lady

Making Sure

Three Sovereigns for a Corpse


In addition, this book has some horror stories:


The Haunted Chessmen

Black Magic

The Little Red Devil

The Long Lane

The Living Stone

The Last Ascent

From Beyond the Barrier

The Unknown Quantity

The Elixir of Life


as well as some crime stories:


Dead Manís Hand

The Tide Runs Strongly

The Miracle Worker

My Day of Vengeance

The Camp Fire

Lady Betty and the Burglars

The Avenging Phonograph

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