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by John Stanley and Kenn Davis



With an Introduction by John Stanley


And an Afterword by Richard A. Lupoff



In 1948 the Academy Awards show was threatened with destruction when one of Hollywood's behind-the-scenes men decided to bomb the theater. Only the frantic actions of Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre kept the event from becoming the worst disaster movie ever made. You don't remember that? Well, then you haven't read John Stanley's novel of a time when superstars were human beings and movie critics were monsters from Gehenna -- 1948. Co-written with Kenn Davis, another Hollywood veteran, John has penned one of the most fun buddy movies you'll ever read, featuring everybody who was somebody back in 1948.

John tells you how it all came about in his introduction and Richard A. Lupoff tops off the treat with his two-cents worth at the end. You won't spend a better few hours of your life than by following Bogie and Peter chase the bomber through the streets of Tinsel Town back when the Brown Derby was more than something to be sat upon.


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