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Dancing Tuatara Press #6

Walter S. Masterman

Very strange things are going on at Cold Stairs, the country manor home of the Harman family. B.B.C. correspondent Jack Hartley has been there to report on the findings of the 'Committee of Three,' a delegation of researchers from Psychical Research Society. All signs point to a most bizarre haunting, and Sir John Harman is concerned for his household, comprising niece Sybil, governess Mrs. James and her disabled son Eric, and the servants.


It doesn't take Hartley long to alert his room-mate, bright young Scotland Yard detective Dick Selden, to the shady goings-on at Cold Stairs. When the pair visit the mansion, Selden immediately senses that all is not right. When the uncanny phenomena in and around the house are accompanied by death, Selden must pit every ounce of his skill, and a healthy dose of intuition, into solving a mystery which began a generation before....


Is the true horror behind Cold Stairs a supernatural force, or something altogether more sinister?


This is the sixth book under the Dancing Tuatara imprint to be published by Ramble House.

Introduction by John Pelan.

Available Editions

$20  Trade Paperback

$35  Hardcover with dust jacket

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$20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$35  Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"