THE BOX FROM JAPAN, held by unreasonably happy publisher, Fender Tucker - Cover by Gavin L. O'Keefe

Trade PB, 532 pp. $24 + $3 Shipping


Complete In One Volume

 The year is 1942—the near future. We now have 13 months per year, the world is coming to rely on giant saguaro cacti from Mexico for food, 3-D television is almost a reality, and wouldn’t you know it? Japan, Germany and (gasp!) Mexico are scheming to take over the world. And their plans involve the now defunct Panama Canal and a new canal through Nicaragua. And there’s something about an unusual blue dye from ancient China that fits into this incredible scheme somewhere. With a premise like this, it’s got to be the longest and most convoluted webwork mystery ever written.  And Harry wrote it in 1932! It has a great cover by Gavin O'Keefe.

NOTE: This is not a Ramble House A6-sized handcrafted paperback. It's a 532-page 6" x 9" trade paperback made by a Docutech machine. It's heavy, full of words -- 312,393 of them to be exact -- and may be the damnedest mystery novel ever written.

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