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by E. R. Punshon

When Janet Merton died, her poet-lover, Stephen Asprey, placed his love letters and unpublished poems in her coffin. After his death her grave attracted mobs of tourists and had to be guarded against souvenir hunters. Commander Bobby Owen (of the Yard) has been asked to advise the local rector, who is troubled by rumours concerning his predecessor and by a message from the Duke of Blegborough, who has heard that there is a move to open the grave. The Duke fears that the letters may reflect on his dead wife.

Bobby meets the Duke and Edward Pyle, of the “Morning Daily” Press group, who is writing a life of the poet and seems assured of a Home Office permit to open the grave. He also meets the poet’s widow, Janet Merton’s niece and Hagen, a “sexton philosopher,” all of whom are opposed to Pyle’s design. A delightful mystery by the prolific Edmund Punshon.

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