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Carol Carr had several roles in the literary SF scene a while back, and only some of them were behind-the-camera. She knew everybody and everybody knew her. What may not be known is that she wrote some evocative stories and poems that have never been collected in one place—until now. And she's even added a bunch of stuff—yes, that's her word for it, stuff —which you will find irresistible. 

Carol Carr was born in Brooklyn, New York, discovered Greenwich Village at age 15 and was immediately told by her friends that she would "never be one of us" again. Thus pulled untimely from her roots, she turned leftwardly political at Brooklyn College before finding herself trapped by circumstances in the dubious world of science fiction. All the while she toiled nine to five at a series of jobs that are best discussed in her next book. She moved to California in 1972, when home ownership was affordable, and is now retired in the East Bay hills with her husband and a series of repair people who come around every week to remove her dying trees, and replace her rotten siding and rusty plumbing.  She has always been a writer who dabbled in this and that and, recently, emails.  She stubbornly refuses to dabble in Facebook or Twitter.



   by Karen Haber

FICTION: “Look, You Think You’ve Got Troubles”

STUFF: Part 1

FICTION: “Inside”

STUFF: Part 2


   Richard A. Lupoff

   Avram Davidson

   Philip K. Dick

FICTION: “Some Are Born Cats”

STUFF: Part 3


FICTION: “Wally À Deux”

STUFF: Part 4

FICTION: “Tooth Fairy”


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