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An Inspector Macdonald Mystery by E.C.R. Lorac


Introduced by Richard A. Lupoff


 Of course you may not care for traditional English detective stories. The Iiterary snobs threatened to have the Iikes of Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr deported if they dared to call their books novels. What was it about these books? What were the standard ingredients?


~ A mansion in surrounded by acres of greenery.

~ An ancient family title and the fortune that goes with it.

 ~ A sinister, frowning middle-aged-to-elderly spinster.

~ A blustering, blundering village constable.

~ A clever, energetic Scotland Yard inspector.

~ A hint of the supernatural.

Yes, if these ingredients make a dish that whets your appetite, then the works of Edith Caroline Rivett (who wrote as E. C. R. Lorac and as Carol Carnac) has a wonderful surprise for you. Start with Case in the Clinic and then start tracking down her seventy (!) other mystery novels.

But in the meanwhile, here's a delicious taste of classic English detection.



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