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More Selected Stories from Science Fantasy


Chosen and Introduced by Damien Broderick and John Boston


This is the second book in the series of collections from the great British SF and fantasy magazine appropriately named SCIENCE FANTASY. The first, THE DAYMAKERS, was published by Ramble House earlier this year. The intriguing stories continue with authors both famous and obscure, all writing at the top of their game. Damien Broderick and John Boston know the 50s and 60s well and their enthusiasm for the period and the magazine are apparent as they introduce each story.


Jonathan Burke, “The Adjusters” (Science Fantasy #13, Apr 1955)

Martin Jordan, “Sheamus” (Science Fantasy #14, Jun 1955)

John Brunner, “City of the Tiger” (Science Fantasy #32, Dec 1958)

Kenneth Bulmer, “Castle of Vengeance” (Science Fantasy #37, Nov 1959)

John Kippax (John Charles Hynam 1915-1974), “Destiny Incorporated” (Science Fantasy #30, Aug 1958)

J.G. Ballard, “The Watch-Towers” (Science Fantasy #53, Jun 1962, and The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard, 2009)

Thomas Burnett Swann, “The Sudden Wings” (Science Fantasy #55, Oct 1962)

Philip E. High, “Dead End” (Science Fantasy #56, Dec 1962)


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