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P.I. Sharon Knowles Mysteries


by Ed Lynskey


 This is a collection of 20 stories featuring P.I. Sharon Knowles. All but one of these early short stories appeared in the paper and online pulp venues, including the notable HandHeldCrime, during the Internet bubble of the early twenty-first century. Ed's succinct stories are told in a clear, crisp prose that always cuts to the chase. There are no wasted words in this book, which reveals more of the facets of Sharon Knowles' life as a thoughtful, caring private eye. Check out what is being said about this great collection:


P.I. Sharon Knowles "is relentless in her pursuit of justice" and "her life is far from dull". "Well-written tales" about "the people who work the scenes, whether police or private investigators, deserve more credit than they get."



"As for Sharon - what can I say - except WELCOME to the genre - she was truly the center of this book and I love reading the exploits of a strong, smart, yet feminine protagonist."

Tina Avon



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