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by Fender Tucker


 Why should you shell out the price of two hamburgers for this 410 page book?


Here's what Ed Gorman says:


   "... his masterpiece has to be The Compleat Calhoon. It's a man's life done in short witty insightful pieces. I'm reading three or four pieces a week and find myself eager to get back to it.

   I wasn't sure I was going to like it -- I'm not much for autobiographies -- but I not only like it, I admire it. Through judicious editing and clear, concise writing he tells us not only about himself but his Southern culture, his friends, the life of a musician, husband, writer and daydreamer.


And Bill Crider sez:


I've read some of those memoirs, and I agree. Fine stuff.



   Here, concisely, is what's in the book:


TALES FROM THE TOWER, 17 short stories, one of which is a true crime story, and six of which make up TOTAH SIX-PACK, tales of Farmington New Mexico as it was in the oil patch days.

 WEED, WOMEN AND SONG, 9 autobiographical ramblings, including several subversive army yarns, a couple of sex expositions, and a tribute to Geno Jaramillo.

 CHRONOLOGICAL CALHOON, all 80 (and counting) songs written during his musical period (1963 - 1987). The lyrics are in the book.


For details, read the introduction -- if you can suffer Norbert Tudwallow's snootiness.


How much? How about $15 with free shipping to the US. $8 shipping to elsewhere.