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Richard A. Lupoff

 Since the late 60s author Richard A. Lupoff has been writing parodies of famous SF authors like Philip K. Dick and H.P. Lovecraft under the name, Ova Hamlet. In 1979 a collection of seven of the stories was published as THE OVA HAMLET PAPERS. It was lavishly illustrated by Trina Robbins and introduced by Philip Klass. Now, Lupoff and Ramble House are proud to present the first complete collection of Ova Hamlet parodies, fourteen in all, with seven more brand new illustrations by Trina Robbins. Authors who are parodied include Kurt Vonnegut, Harlan Ellison, Philip Jose Farmer, Mickey Spillane, Stephen King, J.G. Ballard, Norman Spinrad, Robert E. Howard, Barry Malzberg, L. Ron Hubbard, John Norman and Fritz Leiber. It's a 256-page book that will take you back to the days when SF was really fun and Ramble House is extremely proud to be publishing it.

Here is your chance to get a copy right off the press, signed by author Dick Lupoff.




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