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A Mick Cardby Mystery


by David Hume


 This Mick Cardby novel revolves round a certain Mr. Ernest Walton of Streatham, who was known among his singular circle of acquaintances as “The Weeping Cavalier.” The first time Mick Cardby met him he wondered how the glycerine specialists of the screen ever attained fame. The way tears coursed down his wizened cheeks was nothing short of an act. But it seemed odd to Mick that while Mr. Walton’s eyes would well with tears when he saw an unattended old lady, the sight of a butchered corpse left him unmoved! As to Mr. Walton, he seemed attracted to Mick, but deprecated his lack of emotion, and offered to instill some sentiment into him. Mick thought it worth a few floods of grief to satisfy his curiosity about Ernest, and soon found himself plunged in thrills.


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