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You met Delton Prowse in the first CRIMSON CLOWN book by Johnston McCulley, the author of the Zorro series. Well, hes back with more insane adventures involving his red clown outfit, his handy syringe full of a knockout potion and his penchant for stealing from the rich and giving half to charity. The other half he keeps for himself to pay for clown outfits and syringes. Unlike Superman, he wears his red suit over his regular clothes and when pursued, strips off the costume and sets fire to it, leaving only a tiny pile of ashes. He goes through a lot of costumes in the course of a day in the big city filled with scam artists and spies.

Now that you know his modus operandi, how can you resist this new set of four tales, written in 1928? Ramble House is proud to bring this odd superhero back for modern readers who may have forgotten just how much fun the early caped crusaders were.


Available Editions

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$30  Hardcover with dust jacket

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$18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9" Delivered in 5 to 10 days
$30  Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"  Delivered in 2 - 3 weeks