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by Rupert Penny, writing as Martin Tanner


 With CUT AND RUN, Australian author Rupert Penny, writing under the name Martin Tanner, takes a vacation from his Inspector Beale police procedurals and pens a swift-moving chase story, full of psychological horror and breakneck thrills. Our hero parks his car, and takes a country walk, and when he gets back hes met by Dr. Paul, one of the most engagingly evil villains ever conjured, who asks if he can search the car for an escaped lunatic. Well, of course the lunatic is hiding in the back seat and shes beautiful and not much of a lunatic at all. The chase is on!


Available Editions

$18  Trade Paperback from Create Space

$25  Ramble House 4.13" x 5.75" handmade edition with dust jacket

$35  Hardcover with dust jacket from Lulu

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$18  Trade Paperback 6" x 9" Delivered in 5 to 10 days

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