In 1986 The Mighty Calhoon Brothers were mainly playing weekend jobs at various dance clubs around Las Cruces. These were places where the dancers were serious and wanted particular songs that were well-suited for the kind of dancing they were quite good at. So one day Fender Tucker, Mark Coker, Gordon Butler and Steve Roberts set up their equipment in Fender's living room and recorded in stereo the most popular of the instrumental dance songs.

You may have the audio CD for $10.00. Just click on the button below, or send a check for $10 to Fender Tucker, 443 Gladstone Blvd. Shreveport LA 71104.

Jole Blon

Under the Double Eagle

Orange Blossom Special

Maiden's Prayer

Down Yonder

Cotton-Eye Joe

Westphalia Waltz

Chubby's Hornpipe

In the Mood

Over the Waves

Berlin Polka

Little Brown Jug

Rye Waltz


Mormon Schottische

Put Your Little Foot

Ten Pretty Girls

Only the Young

Texas Schottische

Jesse Polka

Ranger Waltz

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