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by Max Afford 


In the 40s radio was the medium for news and entertainment and it's no surprise that many mystery authors used the radio studio as the ideal place for murder and mayhem, such as Norman Berrow's 1946 thriller, Words Have Wings. But nine years earlier, an Australian author who really knew radio wrote this locked room masterpiece, featuring his favorite amateur sleuth, Jeffery Blackburn and the laconic Inspector Read. The two go "backstage" at the radio studio to see how a radio play is presented and while Darkness in Danger is being broadcast, murder makes its on-air debut. The Dead Are Blind is a treat for all who remember the golden days of radio and who enjoy a rollicking good mystery.


Max Afford (1906 - 1954) was a noted journalist and radio dramatist and Ramble House is hoping to reprint all of his mysteries.


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