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A Hollywood Boozer


by Weed Dickinson


Circus Ed Haley is in charge of publicity at Amalgamated Pictures and if he could just stop the murders long enough to relax with a couple of bottles of Kentucky’s finest bourbon he’d be happy. But when the boss’ son is brutally murdered—and his body stolen—Ed starts to worry where his next drink is coming from. And in this outrageous novel of old Hollywood, that’s a big problem. Not since Craig Rice’s John J. Malone has a drunken detective staggered his way to a solution in the style of Circus Ed. And for the first time since 1937 this classic novel of booze and movies is back in print.


Available Editions

$18  Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$24  Ramble House handcrafted edition, with dust jacket 4.13" x 5.75"
$30 Hardcover with dust jacket  6" x 9"

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