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Wade Wright


Ramble House's plan to republish all of Wade Wright's classy mysteries continues with this intricate tale of life in the small publishing field. When Noel Bundy, the managing editor of the magazine where Lee Tyrell works, is found with a bullet in his brain, Lee is the logical suspect. Inspector Rettig sure thinks so, and when he suspects that there's something going on between Lee and Verna, Noel's wife, the suspicion becomes even heavier. This sends Lee off on a sprint to find the real killer before he becomes the next victim.

You may learn more than you want to know about the seedy world of small publishing from this book that hits so close to home here at Ramble House that's it's uncomfortable. Who knew there were so many venal people in the business? And so many ways that small publishers can steal other people's work? Wade Wright knows the business inside and out and this rousing mystery will entertain and frighten you.


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