Featuring Michael Tucker, Merrill Lynn Taylor, Kent Doak and Others

In 1959 in Farmington New Mexico on May 1 (May Day) the city government was taken over by the student council of the local high school. It was not a hostile takeover -- although that would probably have been appropriate and deserved -- but was something the Farmington government did as a matter of course. I just happen to have a recording of the town council meeting which was presided over by my oldest brother, Michael Tucker, who was president of the student body.

At one time I could probably recognize all of the voices on the tape but the 50+ years that have passed have taken a toll on my memory -- and even more of a toll on the people at the meeting. Mike died in the early 90s. I'm hoping that John Loehr, Kent Doak, Merrill Lynn Taylor and the other people on the tape will somehow find this web page and remember how wonderful the year 1959 was, how magnificently the future loomed ahead of them, and how successfully they spent the next few decades.

If you know anyone who attended Farmington High School back then, please send them a link to this page.



Listen to the Meeting, May 1, 1959


The Council Meets!

Mike and Linda Ransom and I'm sorry, I don't know.

At the Hill where the "F" was.

Mike at 18

My favorite picture from the 1959 Naniskad (the high school annual). The guy flipping the bird was pretty standard fare in those days but can you believe the serendipity of the sole of that guy's shoe?

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