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by Manly Wade Wellman



Manly Wade Wellman (1903-1986) was an American writer who is best remembered for his horror, fantasy and science fiction. His work appeared in such legendary magazines as Weird Tales, Astounding Stones, Startling Stories and Unknown. His horror tales set in the Appalachian Mountains are among his most popular fiction.

Originally published in Startling Stones in 1942, Devil's Planet was the author's fourth published science fiction novel, and it combines an adventure story set on Mars with a locked room murder mystery. Dillon Stover lands on Mars with a mission to continue his grandfather's work to bring a sustainable water supply to the parched planet, but before he knows it he finds himself accused of murder and on the run.


Ramble House and its gaggle of roving editors is always on the lookout for books like this: rather obscure gems that are quite expensive if the only copies available are 60-year-old original paperbacks or pulps. We take the sting out of nostalgic reading because that's the kind of reading we do ourselves.


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