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by E.R Punshon


With an Afterword by Gavin L. O'Keefe



 In the tenth book in his series, Detective Sergeant Bobby Owen of Scotland Yard is approached by the Hon. Chas. Waveny, an old college rugby-playing acquaintance. Waveny wants to tip Owen off to the activities of Mr. Hudson -- nicknamed 'Dictator Hudson' by the locals of the Epping Forest area for having barred wheeled traffic from a stretch of road now called 'Dictator's Way'—and the suggestive goings-on at Hudson's nearby manor house.

 When Bobby Owen investigates, he is attacked by a familiar felon, and then both men are hosed down by a pretty young woman. Then Owen discovers a corpse in Hudson's manor house. What begins as a seemingly straightforward murder case becomes complicated when Etrurian nationals become involved. Published a year before the outbreak of World War II, Dictator's Way is a poignantly prescient mystery.

 Ramble House is proud to add this title to its reprints of E. R. Punshon's 'Bobby Owen' mysteries. In his Afterword, artist Gavin O'Keefe discusses the use of art and politics in the novels of E.R. Punshon.


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