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Surinam Turtle Press #28


39 Stories About Sex by Jack Woodford


In these 39 stories first published in 1929 Jack Woodford established himself as one of the brashest sex writers on the scene. Of course in 1929 there were a lot of forbidden typewriter sequences but Jack knew them all -- and how to get around them. No one writes stories like these any more and there's no one like Jack Woodford to take you back to when they did. Richard A. Lupoff introduces the book -- as he does all of the Surinam Turtle Press books -- with his usual insight and erudition.



Surinam Turtle Press is an imprint of Ramble House, dedicated to the publication of both original and classic works of exceptional merit and importance. Its authors include Gelett Burgess, Fox B. Holden, Ted White and Dave van Arnam, Jon L. Breen, Mack Reynolds, and Richard A. Lupoff. Many other books of note are in preparation.


246 pages.


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$18 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"

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