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by Gelett Burgess


 A madcap Arabian Nights fairy-tale of adventure, suspense, slapstick comedy, crime and sweet romance, 'Find the Woman' is one of the great Gelett Burgess’s most audacious and most entertaining novels. Opening with a scene of pulp melodrama, Burgess plunges his hero into wild, surrealistic turmoil. There are jewel thefts, beautiful mystery women, baggy-pants comedians, and tall tales unfolding to reveal taller tales. What Burgess was thinking when he wrote 'Find the Woman' we will never know, but the modern reader will alternately gasp with amazement, tremble with excitement, and roar with laughter as a courageous — but confused — young man who may or may not be John Fenton pursues a lovely and enigmatic young woman who may or may not be Belle Charmion.


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