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by Tiffany Thayer, writing as O.B. King


Introduced by Richard a Lupoff


Let's say you wake up late for work one morning in 1932 and find 5 million dollars in huge bills littering the floor of your cheap room. What would you do? That is exactly the situation that Tiffany Thayer, one of the most intriguing of the 20th century authors revived by Ramble House, places young Ben Flinders. Then the action starts and before Ben realizes it he has become a wanted man -- by the law and those who break it.

But young Ben is resourceful and when he finds that he is becoming known as a kingpin of evil, he starts to enjoy it, a little like Walter White of 2013 becomes enamored of being the meth king of New Mexico. That's when the fun begins!

Tiffany Thayer wrote several masterful novels under his own name before starting the Fortean Society, but this is one of his best that he wrote under a pseudonym. Breaking Bad is over, alas, but Ramble House is proud to bring back this long-forgotten gem for readers who enjoy a bit of initiative when faced with the forces of conformity and law.


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