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Introduced by John Pelan

Dancing Tuatara Press #53


John Pelan claims that Ralston Shields is the best of the weird menace pulp writers. Here are ten stories by Shields written in the late 30s that will allow you to see if Mr. Pelan knows what he's talking about. The titles of the stories point to a peculiar obsession the author seems to have with blood and the lack of it. See for yourself:

 “Back Mother of Murder” — Horror Stories October/November 1938

“Daughter of the Devil” — Horror Stories October/November 1937

“Priestess of the Pestilence” — Terror Tales May/June 1939

“Food for the Fungus Lady” — Horror Stories December/January 1939/1940

“I Summoned Dr. Death” — Dime Mystery Magazine February 1937

“Mistress of the Blood-Drinkers” — Horror Stories March 1940

“Little Miss Dracula” — Dime Mystery Magazine August 1938

“The Blood Kiss” — Dime Mystery Magazine May 1937

“Vengeance of the Living Dead” — Terror Tales September 1940

“A Kiss for the Blood Lady” — Terror Tales January/February 1939

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