Ramble House books come in four formats:


(1) The 6" x9" trade paperback edition. This is the standard edition and all titles are currently available in this edition at Amazon and the Create Space and's Ramble House stores. Most cost $18; a few of the larger books, a bit more. They have color covers and are perfect bound.


(2) The hardcover edition. Dark blue cloth covers with gold lettering on the spine. The dust jacket is high quality. Most sell for $28 to $35. For some titles it may take as long as three weeks to get the book. Some titles are not available in hardcover.


(3) The Original Ramble House Edition. This is a small (4.13" x 5.75") paperback printed and bound by me. It has a slick dust jacket and typically sells for $24. Almost all RH titles under 250 pages in length can be ordered in the RH edition. This is the most collectible format. I've made over 5000 of these books but I'm slowing down. 2014 NOTE: I really am slowing down. I am only making these books under certain circumstances. Please ignore the many, many web pages that mention the RH edition as being available. I'll fix them all someday.


Please do not confuse the RH edition (3) with the hardback edition (2). They both have dust jackets but the RH edition is smaller and hand made.


(4) Believe it or not, we even have a few paperback coffee-table books. Almost 9" x 12" in size, they are the meganovels of Harry Stephen Keeler formatted into two-column text in reasonably large text. Guaranteed conversation-stoppers at cocktail parties. THE BOX FROM JAPAN (312,348 words), THE MATILDA HUNTER MURDER (259,777 words) and THE SKULL IN THE BOX QUARTET (348,311 words). Sorry, only paperback available. Because we get charged by the page count, not the size of the page, these books are your best bang for your buck at Ramble House. THE ORGAN READER and RESEARCHING AMERICAN-MADE TOY SOLDIERS are two other large format books we are especially proud of.


The best way to order is to e-mail me, giving me your complete mailing address and the books you want. I'll e-mail you back with a discounted total for the order, which you can pay with PayPal to or a check to Fender Tucker. The shipping to the US is free. I charge actual cost to overseas and because Lulu and CS have printing plants in Europe and Australia, overseas shipping is often quite reasonable.


You can get almost any Ramble House title at Amazon and get free shipping if you order enough. But you get free shipping from me and I'll charge you less than what Amazon will. E-mail me. I have nothing better to do than fulfill your order like a fellow book lover.



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