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A Mystery by Roland Daniel


Preface by Nick Simms


 Harry Daventry, once top reporter for The World Echo, and now a freelance journalist and globetrotter, is walking the streets of London one rainy evening when he happens across two men accosting a woman. Being a man of action, and unable to resist the urge to rescue someone in danger - especially if that someone is young and attractive - Daventry renders the men unconscious, and escapes with the woman. Before he knows it, Gloria Munday has confidently taken control of the situation, and is inviting him to come home with her ...

Events following the meeting of Harry Daventry and Gloria Munday suddenly take a turn for the worse - for both parties - and sudden intrigue and tragedy incur not only the involvement of Scotland Yard, but also of the criminal underworld.

This new edition features a preface by Nick Simms, the author's grandson.


Available Editions

$18  Trade Paperback


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