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Volume #1 in the Day Keene in the Detective Pulps Series


by Day Keene


Day Keene wrote these eight hardboiled tales for the pulps, particularly Detective Stories, in the 40s. John Pelan has selected these for Volume #1 of the Day Keene in the Detective Pulps series. The titles are:


League of the Grateful Dead

As Deep As the Grave 

Fry Away, Kentucky Babe

Crawl Out of That Coffin

Marry the Sixth for Murder

Nothing to Worry About

Dance with The Death House Doll

Dead As in Mackerel


The introduction by John Pelan tells more about Ramble House's plan to reprint ALL of Day Keene's pulp stories.


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$20 Trade Paperback 6" x 9"
$35  Hardcover with Dustjacket  6" x 9"