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Garnett Radcliffe

Dancing Tuatara Press #30


There are horrors enough to satisfy the veriest glutton for sensational fiction in Mr. Radcliffe's new story of the famous Cinco Llagas treasure, the secret hiding-place of which has remained unrevealed ever since the days of the Spanish Armada. A plan indicating its whereabouts has by felonious means fallen into the hands of a gang of international crooks, and it is in opposition to the sinister Count Suratini and his band of criminal associates that Mona Vachell, a remote descendant of Sir Gwilliam Vachell, who originally acquired the treasure by his unlawful, not to say murderous, machinations, decides to make a bid for the Cinco Llagas gold-valued at about £900,000 - in which dangerous enterprise she is aided and abetted by her fiance Lord Basil Curlew, who, behind a mask of blank fatuity, conceals an adaptability and resource that are invaluable when it comes to the inevitable clash between the rival treasure-seeking parties. Mr. Radcliffe piles on the agony throughout: and his final revelation of the identity of the breezy and bonhomous Commander Eggington, Iate of the Royal Navy, and of the ultimate bestowal of the treasure in the vaults beneath Minrhyn Castle, will probably come as a complete surprise to the reader.

The West Australian,1934

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