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Volume #1 of The Selected Stories of


John H. Knox


Dancing Tuatara Press #9


One of the lost masters of the weird tale, John H. Knox produced an astonishing volume of horror and supernatural fiction for Popular Publications in the 1930s before switching to more straightforward mysteries. This is the third of several volumes Dancing Tuatara Press plans to publish in the near future. Introduced by John Pelan, HANDS OUT OF HELL collects the following stories:


Hands out of Hell — Thrilling Mystery October 1936

Blood for the Cavern Dwellers — Horror Stories Aug/Sept 1937

His Bodiless Twin — Terror Tales November 1935

Brides for Satan’s Pupils Hell — Dime Mystery December 1937

Dead Man’s Shadow — Terror Tales December 1934

The Village Cursed By God — Dime Mystery July 1937

Girls for the Gods of Fire — Dime Mystery May 1938

Coffin for the Living — Dime Mystery November 1936


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$45 Hardcover with bookplate and dustjacket, signed by John Pelan

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