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Hake Talbot

 When Rogan Kincaid arrived at the mysterious island known as The Kraken, he expected to find a lavish party thrown by Jackson B. Frant for a dozen guests. Instead he found only young Nancy Garwood, who had been drugged and left in her bedroom. The rest of the mansion was completely deserted and all Nancy could remember was that somebody died at dinner—and she thought it was the host! It doesn’t take long before Rogan starts to wonder if there has been a mass murder—and that there might just be two more bodies to add to the slaughter!

  Hake Talbot wrote two impossible crime novels featuring Rogan Kincaid and Ramble House is proud to bring both of them back for modern readers to enjoy. The Hangman’s Handyman and Rim of the Pit are classics of the genre. $18



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