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A Ramble House 10-Cent Book (#26)


A Tale of the Oil Patch by Fender Tucker

Farmington New Mexico back in 1955 was a hotbed of history. The lusty oil men who worked the oil patches were larger than life and had egos and dreams to match. One of them, a good ol' Arkansas boy name-a Arky Miley had a vision that didn't match those of the powerful oil cartels, but with the help of his Miley Mud buddies, Bill Smith and Don Tucker, they defied the "law" and instigated a revolution of the mind whose repercussions were felt a decade later. Now, for the first time, Fender Tucker, a man who saw the story firsthand, tells the tale -- and it's not pretty. 60 pages. Comes with an audio CD. $12.00

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