Ape Rape/Wanton Witch

Vixen Hollow/The Celluloid Scandal

Silent Siren/Man Who Made Maniacs

Passion Strip/...And Sudden Lust!

Sex Burns Like Fire/Twist Session

Harlot Master/SinUnlimited

The Twilight Girls/Sex Institution


The Contested Earth and Other Stories


If you want to read what the literary life was like for the brave writers of the 50s and 60s who had to battle scurrilous publishers and small-minded government censors, you can't find a better source than the Jim Harmon books. He lived it and wrote about it as it was happening. The 7 books are doubles and contain two complete novels each. If you could find the originals of these books in the paperback, you'd be sitting on a gold mine and you probably couldn't afford to actually read the things for fear of damage. These stories are terrific and with Ramble House books, you can read them all you want. There's always more.