Amazing Rhythm Aces


The End is Not in Sight

Asleep at the Wheel Dead Man Great Song for the LCI.
Asleep at the Wheel Tonight the Bartender is on the Wrong Side of the Bar  
Asleep at the Wheel You and Me Instead  
Beatles Blackbird Not learned until 2013.
Beatles I Feel Fine  
Beatles I'll Be Back  
Beatles No Reply  
Beatles Norwegian Wood This is Skip Batchelor singing and playing live.
Beatles Things We Said Today  
Beau Brummels Just a Little  
Bill Smith Ponderosa Song written by Bill Smith of Farmington NM
Bob Dylan Ballad of a Thin Man  
Bob Dylan Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  
Bobby Bare Miller's Cave Bill Smith, John Cunningham and Knees at Dizzyland
Bobby Freeman Do You Wanna Dance The Torques in 1965 with Skip singing
Boz Scaggs The Harbor Lights of Venus  
Bruce Cockburn Mighty Trucks of Midnight  
Bruce Cockburn When It's Gone, It's Gone  
Buffalo Springfield Go and Say Goodbye  
Buffalo Springfield Hot Dusty Roads  
Buffalo Springfield I Am a Child  
Buffalo Springfield Kind Woman  
Burt Bacharach & Hal David My Little Red Book  
Byrds I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better  
Chantays Pipeline  
Chartbusters She's the One The B side of our 45 that came out in 1965.
Chuck Berry Maybelline The Torques at the Boys Club
Chuck Berry Reelin and Rockin Torques Again
Claude King Wolverton Mountain Simulation of Knees' first audition
Country Gazette Forget Me Not  
Crickets Someday  
Crosby Stills and Nash Teach Your Children Ladies and Gentlemen, Skip Batchelor!
Dan Fogelberg Faithless Love  
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing Randy Miller singing and playing drums. Mark Coker on bass; Knees on guitar
Don Henley The End of the Innocence  
Don Williams Good Ol' Boys Like Me  
Donovan Sunshine Superman  
Eagles Saturday Night  
Eddie Rabbit Looking for a Lonely Heart  
Fastball The Way  
Fender Tucker 1959 Pinocchio Timex Blues  
Fender Tucker Alamo Rosie  
Fender Tucker All Roads Lead to Tuba  
Fender Tucker And the Firm Soil Win on the Wat'ry Main Shakespearean Project song
Fender Tucker Angelus of Doom Companionpiece to short story, "Angelus of Doom"
Fender Tucker Bad Weather  
Fender Tucker Boston Trilogy  
Fender Tucker Box Lunch  
Fender Tucker Candy Man Yo Sweets Are Mighty Fine Written in 1967, the lyrics were lost until the 80s and then ignored until 2013
Fender Tucker Death on the Horizon  
Fender Tucker Dixie Honk  
Fender Tucker E Boogie  
Fender Tucker G Chug  
Fender Tucker Gimme a Chance  
Fender Tucker Hi Hello Mary  
Fender Tucker Homicide Blues  
Fender Tucker Honk  
Fender Tucker Hot Potato #1  
Fender Tucker I Love My Mojo  
Fender Tucker I Shoulda Been Born 1000 Years Ago  
Fender Tucker If the Music Weren't There  
Fender Tucker I'm Just a Man  
Fender Tucker I'm Too Smart to Be this Kind of Fool  
Fender Tucker It Wasn't Simple Livin with Her  
Fender Tucker It's a Sin to Say No  
Fender Tucker It's True  
Fender Tucker Jicarilla Mud Companionpiece to short story "Jicarilla Mud"
Fender Tucker Jonathan Canfield  
Fender Tucker July's Not the Hottest Month in Oz First song for the Canadien Venture
Fender Tucker Keep Me Posted  
Fender Tucker Killing Time  
Fender Tucker Let's Just Play Us as We Lay  
Fender Tucker Lizard Land Song forgotten for 50 years
Fender Tucker Loof Knees' last original song -- as of 2016
Fender Tucker Lysergic Song Definitely Written in North Hollywood, 1966. Chorus by Norm.
Fender Tucker Ma Belle from Quebec A song for the Canada Project about Quebec
Fender Tucker Maurice's Song  
Fender Tucker Maybe This Time  
Fender Tucker Mean Standard Deviate  
Fender Tucker Midnight Sun  
Fender Tucker My Baby's Gonna Leave Me  
Fender Tucker My Lady Cries When the Train Whistle Blows  
Fender Tucker My Old Friend Fred  
Fender Tucker Never Make It Back  
Fender Tucker Night Caller  
Fender Tucker Nocturnal Mission  
Fender Tucker Nothin You Can Say  
Fender Tucker On the Side  
Fender Tucker Once More With Feeling  
Fender Tucker One Hundred Years  
Fender Tucker Over the Edge  
Fender Tucker Progress  
Fender Tucker Repetition  
Fender Tucker Rocks  
Fender Tucker Rupture Knees' first performance (simulated)
Fender Tucker Sad Sad Feelin  
Fender Tucker Sailor of the Century  
Fender Tucker Sanctuary  
Fender Tucker Saturday Baby  
Fender Tucker Space Needle  
Fender Tucker Sydney  
Fender Tucker Take Off Your Clothes  
Fender Tucker That Time Will Come and Take My Love Away Shakespearean Project song
Fender Tucker That's How Singers Cry  
Fender Tucker The Advantage on the Kindgom of the Shore Another Shakespearean Project song
Fender Tucker The Altar Boys Blues If you are 60+, and were a Catholic boy, you MUST hear this song. Ad deum qui laetificat, juventutem meam.
Fender Tucker The Ballad of Sadie and Jewel  
Fender Tucker The Brutal Surfer  
Fender Tucker The Family Values Polka Most words were taken from a 50's song paperback of old folk songs
Fender Tucker The Favor  
Fender Tucker The Ghost in the Mirror  
Fender Tucker The Girl and the Man  
Fender Tucker The Girls Back Home  
Fender Tucker The Glowing Green Gambit Theme  
Fender Tucker The Road  
Fender Tucker The S-F  
Fender Tucker What Can You Do?  
Fender Tucker Whiskey Beer and Wine  
Fender Tucker Who Cares as Long as I Get Mine?  
Fender Tucker Yellowknife The Contribution for the Canadien Project: Northwest Territories
Flying Burrito Brothers Hot Burrito #1  
Flying Burrito Brothers Sin City  
Gary Jules Mad World  
Grateful Dead Casey Jones  
Hollies Look Through Any Window  
Indigo Girls Nashville  
Jackson Browne Jamaica Say You Will  
James Taylor Anywhere Like Heaven  
James Taylor Sweet Baby James  
Jefferson Airplane Coming Back to Me  
Jesse Colin Young Get Together  
Jim Croce Operator  
Jim Thompson Maybe It's the Wind Lyrics by Jim Thompson, from South of Heaven, 1967
Jim Weiler For a Smile  
Jim Weiler Oh Mommy  
Jim Weiler Papa Cried  
Jim Weiler Pediphage Quartet  
Jim Weiler The 66 Chevy Nova Blues  
Jim Weiler The Blowout, Upchuck West Texas Highway Blues You are hearing the ONLY time this song was ever uttered/sung from start to finish. Covers are welcome!
Jim Weiler The Talking Dude  
Jim Weiler The Talking Pomp  
Jimmy Buffett Havana Daydreamin Randy Miller on the drums and singing real nice at the LCI sometime in the mid 80s
Johnny Horton North to Alaska  
Johnny Horton & the Band Whispering Pines  
Joss Whedon Rest in Peace  
Joss Whedon Standing  
Judy Collins Someday Soon  
Kingston Trio Scotch and Soda  
Lee Greenwood Time on Her Hands  
Left Banke Walk Away Renee  
Linda Rondstat Different Drum Diane Kime and Country, from 1973-4, with Anthony Trujillo on drums, Kelly Black on bass, and Knees on guitar
Linda Rondstat Old Paint  
Little Feat Willin  
Louis Jourdan Let the Good Times Roll The Torques at the Boys Club, 1965, Skip Singing
Lovin' Spoonful Younger Girl  
Michael Murphy Backsliders Wine  
Michael Murphy Cherokee Fiddle  
Michael Sexsmith I'm Alone But That's All Right  
Muddy Waters Mojo Workout The Torques big ending song
Neil Diamond Cherry Cherry Mark Coker on guitar and singing at the LCI
Neil Young Birds  
Neil Young Old Country Waltz  
Neil Young When You Dance  
Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band The House at Pooh Corner  
Ozark Mountain Daredevils If You Wanna Get to Heaven Hit & Run (Bill Smith, John Cunningham and me) weirdly recording
Paupers Another Man's Hair on My Razor  
Poco All Alone Together  
Poco Rose of Cimarron  
Randy Miller Equal Partners A song written by Randy Miller, drummer of the LCI bands
Richard A. Lupoff Holy Man Part 1 Lyrics by Richard A. Lupoff
Richard A. Lupoff Holy Man Part 2 A sequel to Part 1 by Richard A. Lupoff
Roberta Flack Tradewinds  
Rolling Stones Satisfaction The Torques presage punk
Rolling Stones The Last Time The Torques big harmony song
Rolling Stones Wild Horses  
Santo and Johnny Sleep Walk  
Searchers Needles and Pins  
Shel Silverstein Couple More Years  
Skip Batchelor Route 66 Skip Batchelor takes a trip
Skip Batchelor She's With Him  
Smoky Stover Sometimes You Just Cain't Win  
Steely Dan Dirty Work  
Steely Dan Do It Again  
Steely Dan Pearl of the Quarter  
Steppenwolf Snowblind Friend  
Terry Tornblom If the Satellite Went Down Tonight Words and music by Terry Tornblom
The Band Lonesome Suzie  
The Band Long Black Veil  
The Band This Wheels On Fire  
Thomas Pynchon Doper's Dream Lyrics snatched from Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
Thomas Pynchon Tommy's Trains And another taken from Rainbow
Three Dog Night Never Been to Spain  
Tim Hardin If I Were a Carpenter  
Toehold Late Again for the High Plateau Recorded in a "music room" at an Enlisted Men's Club at Redstone Arsenal in the summer of 1966.
Tommy Beuten A Long Way Back to Georgia Song was written and originally recorded by Tommy Beuten, CO
Tommy Beuten Mississippi on my Mind Slightly modified by Knees, this was written and arranged by Tommy Beuten
Traditional Czardas Traditional song performed on violin by Gordon Butler, Las Cruces NM. Keyboard by Knees Calhoon.
Traditional Whistlin Jim  
U2 One Tree Hill  
Unknown From the Bottle to the Needle  
Unknown Let me Tell You Bout My Linda  
Warren Zevon Carmelita Vocals are by Naomi Gilbert and Knees Calhoon.
Warren Zevon Lawyers Guns and Money  
Westlake, Donald E. If It Ain't Fried Lyrics by Donald E. Westlake, from his Bransom MO mystery, Baby Would I Lie?
Ziklag Offramp Broken A song from Ziklag Offramp's album by Chris C.