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Surinam Turtle Press #26


Introduced by Richard A. Lupoff


The title, J. Poindexter, Colored, is politically incorrect. The novel is written from Poindexter’s viewpoint and in his voice, using the period dialect of an uneducated black man from Kentucky in the 1920s. Also, politically incorrect. If you’re willing to deal with these facts and read this book you are in for a pleasant surprise. Your preconceptions will almost certainly be turned on their head, and you will probably come away from the experience with a changed attitude toward its author, Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, if indeed you’ve ever heard of him before, no less had an attitude toward him.


Surinam Turtle Press is an imprint of Ramble House, dedicated to the publication of both original and classic works of exceptional merit and importance. Its authors include Gelett Burgess, Fox B. Holden, Ted White and Dave van Arnam, Jon L. Breen, Mack Reynolds, and Richard A. Lupoff. Many other books of note are in preparation.

166 pages.

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