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by Cary Moran

 Three black moles on a voluptuous siren’s shapely thigh lead Johnny Harding, dapper, wise-cracking columnist of the Daily Telegraph, into a web of crime and caresses adroitly spun by a spider of seduction. For the debut of his popular character in book form, Cary Moran has written a fast-moving, thrill-packed story studded with laughs, mystery and passion. The Broadway scene, with its chicanery and amoralities, forms the background for the characters who march across its pages; they are etched in terse, dynamic language. If, for any reason, you object to the calling of a spade by its proper name, this is not for you — Cary Moran has avoided pulling his verbal punches. The women who weave their sensual way through his story live, love and lust. The men have red blood flowing through their veins. We give you — if you can take it — a mystery story in the modern manner.

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